by Metal Child Media

Our Rating : 8/10
I was overcome with great stress on giving this album a rating, especially when a high rating has to be given to an album that was mulling over by a small brand tag - Doctor Livingstone. I believe any band name comes with “Doctor” could be a turn-off to metalheads, moreover, my first impression to this album had been cheapened by the low-budget album cover graphically. These substaintial negative elements were hovering on my mind before delving further in this album.

Another thing came to my mind…, it could be a totally mission impossible to persuade metalheads to spend their time listening or buying this album. It’s very risky for me to praise this album due to the reasons above-mentioned. My name could be tarnished and all my customers could be slamming me for supporting an album that doesn’t really “look” great due to “monetary motivation”.

All I had to do was finding as many faults as possible and rated this album lower than my first listen/ rating (I rated this album 7/10 on my first listen), actually I didn’t really trust my ears and considered it an aftermath of lacking in sleep recently. “Unfortunately” I didn’t find any faults on this album up to 5 listens and I’ve to add this album to my list of Best Black Metal Album Of All-Time !

16 minutes of uniquely long bass-drumming on the first track is guiding you slowly “floating” in the mystical tunnel heading towards the deepest part of hell. Surprisingly, the bass-drumming sounds ultra-warm and spiritually attentive. The catchy and focused rhythmic composition made this track their best to date.

From the 2nd track onwards Doctor Livingstone starts bringing you to the black journey of a rarity – Blackcore, a genre that has traditionally been difficult to find. The whole album is filled with tons of sharp pains and screams of mental torment, would also justifiably come to be a deathcore fan favourite.

Abruptly and frequently changes of rhythm is one of the main selling points of this album. The drummer has been showing off his highly well-controlled and consistent skills effortlessly throughout the whole album. Some of the tracks stop abruptly in the ending parts that sound very similar to the technique used in Sektemtum’s latest release, probably it’s meant to create an urge to the listeners I guess but it didn’t bring too many surprises to me.

All in all, this album is musically rich, no repetition, every track sounds unique in their own way, truly a masterpiece for people who expect the unexpected. Buy this ! because it’s pointless for you to buy something which is always under your expectation musically (you know what I mean, monotonous albums are abundant out there). I’m very confident to say that, this album will always remain listenable while liberally pouring out their passionate creativity and emotion, you’re going to play this album over and over again for months.

Frankly speaking, I was bored out of my skull listening to The First Wave Of Black Metal and truly find that The Second Wave Of Black Metal is the real gem. And now I would like to give you all a proposal to start considering The Third Wave Of Black Metal scene has to be located in France as there are too many great black metal albums were all French-made in recent years. They’re absolutely avant-garde and creative, successfully created a totally new experience to the black metal fans.